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Renergon provides biogas plants based on leading-edge technologies. Renergon's core competence is feasibility studies, design, engineering, construction, commissioning, and operation of biogas plants by means of anaerobic solid-state digestion ("dry fermentation" inside fermenter boxes), waste management and energy concepts. The simple and lean technology allows easy integration in each waste management chain. The unique process management creates optimal conditions for the different digestion grades, which lead to high gas yields and high process stability at the same time. Modular and scalable designs allow treatment of all amounts of waste by appropriate plant sizes. Through zero waste concept the facility produces several useful products: recyclable material, energy (power/heat, bio-methane), and fertilizer/compost. The increased plant life combined with low total cost of ownership results in a highly profitable waste-to-energy facility providing an attractive return on investment.

Waste characteristics (waste streams)

  • Liquid or semi-liquid biomass
  • Energy more readily available
  • High degree of degradation
  • Relativel little solid residues, mainly water
  • No impurities

Liquid/wet fermentation
Continuous process

  • Solid/stackable biomass
  • Energy moderately available
  • Medium degree of degradation
  • Solid residues, relatively little water
  • Likely impurities (plastics, stones, metal...)

Solid state/dry fermentation
Semi-continuous process


Solid-state Fermentation

Renergon's Solid-state Fermentation Technology Advantages

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