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Management team

Sanjay C Parab

Managing Director

Sanjay C Parab

Sanjay Parab is a chemical engineer with an extensive experience in product development, engineering design, manufacturing, construction, and project management related to renewable energy, pharmaceutical, polymer, and chemical industries. He has a thorough understanding of the North American biogas market and has developed client relationships in multiple sectors. He has developed a proprietary process that improves downstream processing of gas as well as patents in biogas processing for use in fuel cells and in improving fuel cell technology. Sanjay holds a masters in chemical engineering from City University of New York and an MBA from Boston College.

D Damodar Reddy

Director, Mechanical Engineering / Field Service

Damodar Reddy

Mr Reddy is a mechanical engineer with over 40 years of experience at PP&L Electric Utilities Corporation. As Group Manager, he led several troubleshooting teams to handle mechanical, electrical, and process control issues while at PP&L. He has start-up, commissioning, and operating experience of CHP plants, in-depth knowledge of grid interconnect issues, and extensive project management experience.

Mr Sanjay Jagtap

Director, India Operations

Sanjay Jagtap

Mr Sanjay Jagtap is a seasoned executive in the renewable energy sector with years of experience in developing renewable energy projects based on biomass, biogas, municipal solid waste, industrial waste, wind energy, and solar energy. He is engaged in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures, technology transfer, technical collaboration, outsourced manufacturing, and market intelligence. He has earned degrees in law and business, and has an ACS certification from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. He is based in Pune, India and liaises with SRE’s clients in the country.