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Municipal solid waste

Municipal solid waste (MSW) has traditionally been collected, compacted, and disposed of in a landfill. It can, however, be an excellent source of energy. When the available energy is extracted, the waste quantity to be landfilled can be reduced significantly, thus conserving land and reducing impact on groundwater because of leaching.

Typical waste management hierarchy includes waste reduction, recycling, resource recovery, energy generation, and treatment and disposal1. Energy can be recovered from (a) organic matter through anaerobic digestion and (b) other energy-rich material via gasification.

Waste Management Heirarchy

SRE provides highly efficient and cost-effective solutions for the complete cradle-to-grave MSW management cycle. Our unique MBS technology offers efficient recovery of valuable resources such as:

Power is generated from anaerobic digestion of organic waste and low-temperature syngasification of refuse-derived fuel (RDF).

We ensure maximum resource recovery at the least overall cost. Each project is analyzed individually to provide a unique solution based on the project location; type and composition of waste; appropriate technology; environmental and social scenario; and financial parameters.